The Xuan Huong Lake – Aroma of Spring

Xuan Huong Lake- the most beautiful and biggest lake in Da Lat(Đà Lạt) city- is located in the center of this city. Being one of the attracting and poetic places, this lake is also a meeting place for lovers
Located in the center of the city with 1,477km in height, 5km in circumference and about 40ha in square area because a part of this lake is consolidated. The Xuan Huong lake used to be a valley where the stream Cam Ly was across, and where Lach(Lạch) dwellers settled in the early time.

In 1919, by the initiative of the envoy Counhac, the civil engineer Labbe carried out parting the stream into the lake. Until 1923, people built another dam in the beneath part of this one to create one more lake. Because of the influence of a storm in March 1932, these dams were breached.

Until the year of 1934 - 1935, a new large stone dam was just designed and built in the beneath part against the two-old dams to form a big lake by the engineer Tran Dang Khoa- called Grand Lac by French people. This dam was built in front of the Palace of Chief of Province. This Chief named Pham Khac Hoe- called "Mr. Đạo"( Mr. Chief), so when this dam or this bridge was completed, the local people are used to calling Mr. Đạo bridge which has been in being up till now.

The lake has 5,000m in circumference, 25hm in width with the shape of crescent moon. Surface of the lake is so quiet as a mirror reflecting the shadow of the old fir trees, lines of willows are graceful and will be more beautiful in spring, the cherry-blossoms bloom in splendid pink that makes the lake surface flare up as the cheeks of the Da Lat young girls.

Xuan Huong Lake

In 1953, Nguyen Vy - the Chairman of Da Lat Municipal Administration Council- changed the lake name "Xuan Huong lake" (The Flavour of Spring). Along the banks of Xuan Huong lake are willows reflected in the lake together with apricot trees

Xuan Huong lake is tranquil as glass reflecting the rows of pine trees that shout all day. The streets around the lake are covered by the shade of pine trees, this makes the lake more poetic. Tourist can fish under the shadow of pine trees, or wander around the lake on the water-bicycle shaping swans, or rest in the water restaurants to admire the unique architecture or enjoy glasses of coke with Dalat taste



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