Ban Gioc Waterfall

I got out of the city and mayhem and after having to turn back to get my passport that I left at the guesthouse (you have to hand it in at each place you stay) we eventually got out into the rice paddies and field of the north.

The road north was windy (worse than the Gillies Hwy or the Goat Track to Canungra) and it was a really long trip to Cao Bang (Cow Bung kinda reminds me of the Simpsons). Anyway it was also beautiful countryside and we didn't die crashing into anything or over the edge on the way there so that was a big plus.

I stayed overnight in Cao Bang which is nothing really much to speak of. A dirty little town with not much going for it.

On Tuesday morning we headed along another extremely windy track for a couple of hours to reach Ban Gioc Waterfall which is right on the border of Vietnam and China. I crossed over part of the shallow section and was in China. Ban Gioc was spectacular to say the least and this was in the dry season so in the wet season it must be wild. It's the biggest waterfall in Vietnam. The water is crystal clear and cool but not cold although in Vietnam the people think it's cold even before I consider it to be cold.

I saw lots of water buffaloes and even patted some - they are really cute and of course very tame.

Ban Gioc is one of my favourite spots so far. The water is just absolutely crystal clear and the size just isn't reflected in the photos and this is in the dry season.

We travelled back along the windy road to Cao Bang and then onto Babe lake getting there late in the afternoon. I still have a bruise on the outside of my knee from pushing it up againt the door in complete panic mode for most of the trip.

I've uploaded quite a few photos for this one as I really love it.

Oh I still have my passport from Vietnamese Visa Agency.

From KJ's On Holidays in Vietnam on Feb 11 '07


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