Langbian – A love legend

Langbian mountain or Lam Vien mountain is far away from the center of Da Lat city to the North. It is 2,163m in height, and is a appreciate place for sport activities: climbing, parachuting, go hiking, bird and rare plants researching... Langbian is the symbol for a pure and faithful love of a couple in a local ethnic minority, They decided to commit suicide together to object to the strict rules of the old clans.

The love story about the man named K'lang (belonging to ethnic group Lach) and the woman named Hobiang (belongs to the ethnic group Chil) has touched to the feeling of many tourists when coming here. Families of K'lang and Hobiang lived in the foot of mountain, they met each other by chance when going to forest for picking fruits. Hobiang and her villagers were in danger and K'lang bravely saved her from the pack of dangerous wolves. It's only the first sight but they liked each other and then fell in love. But because of the vow between two ethnic groups, Hobiang could not get marriage with K'lang.

Overcoming the strict rules and feudal rites, they had determination to live together. They got marriage and moved to a place in the top of a lofty mountain for living. When Hobiang was sick, K'lang tried as possible as he could to treat her but there's no good signal. He resigned himself to come back her village to ask for helping his wife's life. At the end of the story, Hobiang died because she prevented him from the poisonous arrow of villagers by her body. In the indescribable sadness, K'lang cried a lot and his tears became a large stream, now called Dankia (Gold Stream). After the death of this couple, father of Biang was so regretful and he came forward to unite the other ethnics into one ethnic called K'ho. Since this time, lovers in village can easily come to each other. Then, the high mountain in La Ngu Thuong village, where K'lang and Hobiang died, was named Langbian -the combined name of this couple to commemorating them and their faithful love. By opportunity, tourists can stand on Langbian and see the Chil and Lach ethnic villages being unobtrusive and quiet by the river, or among the valleys along the banks of small streams. And from this view to the city, tourists can see Da Lat gathering villas, schools, church with the high bell-towers. Up till now or even till all the time, Langbian or Ba mountain is always a lively image in the mind of each ethnical people in Da Lat as well as tourist in spite of contemplating once

You can discover the top of the mountain by following the pathways or vehicle tracks, or you can rent a motor-cycle for picking you up to the top of the mountain. The way is bendy and curving among the forest of pine trees... The first feeling when you firstly reach the top is so comfortable. The great space is among the boundless sky and the cool atmosphere that is the specific characteristic in the "Small Paris" city.

Langbian is considered as a travelling area specialized in outdoor-going, nature discoveries, cultural and people studies... All mountainous area Langbiang is covered by a thick layer of grass, it is high and deep-green in rainy season. Valley is the place where specific flora and fauna live. There is a rather big valley in haftway up the mountain, this is the place celebrating successfully the festival of 100-year Da Lat's foundation and development. Therefore, this valley is called 100-year valley. It is designed as a ecotourism and entertainment area. If going touring, tourists can enjoy exchangeable programs, light camp-fire and drink "can" wine (a kind of wine drunk out of the jar through pipes) with ethnical people, listen to their story and culture.

Source: Gia Lai Travel


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