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LookAtVietnam - Con Son is a tourist area of historical and cultural relics in Cong Hoa Commune, Chi Linh District, Hai Duong Province. The site includes mountains, pagodas, temples, streams and traces of famous historical figures in culture and literature.

Tourists visit Ban Co Tien in Con Son tourist complex in Hai Duong Province. (Photo :SGT)

The one square kilometer site is surrounded by the Phuong Hoang and Ky Lan mountain ranges so it is perfectly still and poetic. During the Tran Dynasty, the site was one of three centers of Truc Lam Zen along with Yen Tu and Quynh Lam.

Tourists can visit Con Son Pagoda, Ngoc Well, Stone Table, Bach Van Temple and Nguyen Trai Temple.

Con Son Pagoda, also known as Tu Phuc Pagoda and Hun Pagoda, is at the foot of Con Son Mountain under the shade of dense groves of seasoned trees. Inside are statues of Buddha and national hero Nguyen Trai. Built before the Tran Dynasty, the pagoda has four stele houses and a 600-year-old tree in its yard.

Ngoc Well is on the side of Ky Lan Mountain and its clear water, considered sacred, is used in solemn ceremonies.

About 600 steps from Con Son Pagoda, tourists will see Ban Co Tien, a flat, spacious area with a large rock where visitors will see the two-story Bach Van Temple built in ancient architecture. The site is ideal for a panoramic view of the surroundings.

At Con Son, tourists can also stroll through the pine forest to get in touch with nature and find some peace for the soul.



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