Promotions launched to resume Thailand tourism

LookAtVietnam - Vietnamese travel agencies have resumed tours to Thailand since the beginning of June 2010, offering many attractive promotion programs.

The Government of Thailand is making every effort to recover the tourism industry that suffered from the recent political uncertainties. In April and May, the number of tourists to Thailand every day decreased by 12,000-14,000 in comparison with last year.

Discounts galore

On June 2, 2010, Saigontourist joined forces with Thai Airways, Vietnam Airlines and Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT) to launch a promotional program to tour Bangkok and Pattaya for six days, flying with Vietnam Airlines. Travelers pay only $175, not including $110 worth of taxes and airport fees. The tours depart from HCM City on June 9, 13, 15, 17 and 19. Other 5-day tours from Hanoi to Bangkok and Pattaya with Thai Airways have cost $319, departing on June 12, 16, 20 and 26.

Saigontourist also has 5-day tours to Supatra Land Orchard for $319, departing Hanoi on June 12, 16, 20 and 26 and 5-day tours of Thailand and Vimanmek Palace for $150, departing in HCM City on June 2, 4, 6, 8,10, 12, 12, 16 and 18.

Vietravel has offered to discount one million dong per traveler for those who go to Thailand in June. The 5-day Bangkok – Pattaya tour is 2.7-2.9 million dong per traveler, not including tax, departing every Friday, and a 6-day Bangkok – Pattays tour for 3-4 million dong without tax, departing daily.

TST Tourist and Thai Airways have organized tours on the occasion of 50th birthday of the air carrier. The Bangkok – Pattaya tour departs on June 9, 10 and 17 for 2.9 million dong, while the tour on June 13 costs 3.6 million dong.

Ben Thanh Tourist will resume tours to Thailand this week. Ta Thi Cam Vinh, Head of the Outbound Tour Division of Ben Thanh Tourist, revealed that they will offer sales promotions to attract travelers. The Bangkok – Pattaya tour will last five days and four nights for $260 per traveler, a decrease of $50 from the previous rate.

From June 7, Fiditour offers a discount of $30 for the first 100 customers who register for tours to Thailand. Travelers will pay only $310 for the Bangkok – Pattaya six days/ five nights package, departing every Tuesday and Sunday.

Thanh Nien Travel Firm will maintain its tour prices at $318-328 per traveler, but has an itinerary with new excursion points.

Thailand still popular

Though tours to Thailand have just been resumed at the beginning of June, travel agents reported that a lot of clients have asked for information about Thailand and also booked tours.

Nguyen Minh Man, Acting Head of Vietravel Communication Division, revealed that, since June 2, when Vietravel officially resumedtours to Thailand, 300 clients have booked trips. Every day, Vietravel serves two groups of 25-40 travelers departing to Thailand.

TST Tourist, which has restarted tours to Thailand since May 29, reported that more than 500 customers have booked tours to Thailand. Saigontourist brought 30 travelers to Thailand on June 2 and will bring another 50 travelers on June 8.

A Saigontourist representative noted that the firm has brought 3000 travelers to Thailand so far this year.

Man of Vietravel observed that the number of travelers to Thailand has not decreased considerably in comparison with the same period of 2009, while the number of bookings increases day after day.

Huynh My Yen, Director of Thien Nhien Travel Firm, calculated that the firm will begin leading travelers to Thailand on June 11. Five groups of travelers, with 20-60 travelers each, have booked tours.

Phan Thanh Tam from Thanh Nien Travel Firm characterized the number of travelers to Thailand as very high. With a limited number of tickets, the firm must organize tours on additional days to serve clients.

Man affirmed that many Vietnamese people are interested in touring Thailand and believes that tourist numbers will increase sharply after the interruption.

Source: Thoi bao Kinh te Saigon


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