The tour to Cu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai is a great day trip from Ho Chi Minh. Visit Tay Ninh, home of the unique Cao Dai sect which is a mix of Buddhism, Taoism, Confucianism and Christianity. After lunch, visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels, an amazing underground labyrinth from which the Vietnamese fought during the American/Vietnam war.

You might have wondered if Vietnam has a religion of its own. The answer is yes, and its name is Cao Dai. Caodaists believe that, before God existed, there was the Tao which was nameless, formless, and unchanging. Then, a Big Bang occurred, out of which God was born. The universe could not yet be formed and to do so, God created yin and yang….

Depart Ho Chi Minh City at 0800 in the morning for Tay Ninh where the scenery changes totally with views of rice paddies, villagers drying noodles by the side of the road… the daily activities of.

Arriving Tay Ninh at noon, visit Cao Dai Great Temple which is considered as “Mecca” of Caodaism with special architecture that could have come  straight from Walt Disney fantasy and the major faiths of the world have blended together in a unique religious cocktail. Founded in 1925, the temple is home to the Cao Dai religion - the sect's belief is that all major religions of the world came from the one source and belong to one god. The colorful and unusual murals that cover the temple's interior will catch your attention with their brilliance.

 After lunch in a local restaurant, visit the famous Cu Chi Tunnels in which an  incredible underground tunnel network constructed by Vietnamese resistance fighters (Viet Cong) during both the French and American wars. In Ben Dinh
or Ben Duoc tunnel you can imagine what it was or to be a guerrilla with a Russian Carbine rifles and AK 47's in the Shooting Range. In the late afternoon, drive back to Ho Chi Minh City.


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