Plum flowers blossom in Bac Ha

The northern area of Bac Ha becomes splendid as plum flowers blossom everywhere in the sunny weather.

After the long cold days of winter, it is now sunny and Bac Ha Plateau is covered with white plum blossoms everywhere.

The 1,500m-mountainous area is called the Bac Ha White Plateau because so many Tam Hoa plum trees are grown there. Nearly 30 years ago, Vu Duc Loi, head of the Bac Ha Plant Breeding Research Centre and his colleagues successfully created a new variety of plum through cross-breeding and named it the “Tam Hoa” Plum.

This plum has helped Mong, Tay and Phu La ethnic minority people escape from poverty and created new tours to “visit the Bac Ha White Plateau in the spring” which have attracted many domestic and international tourists.

Following are images of Bac Ha and its people.


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