Ho Chi Minh City's potential for tourism

World travelers agree that Vietnam has become a superb travel destination. Having overcome years of colonization and wars, it has arisen as a vibrant and exciting part of Southeast Asia
. So as you plan for your journey, consider the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh. Many still call it Saigon. Tourists refer to it as “the pearl of the orient.” “Energetic” would be another way to describe Ho Chi Minh City. When it comes to enjoying life, the Vietnamese have elevated it to an art. In addition to a multitude of festivals and celebrations, the city is home to a plethora of nightclubs, bars and karaoke halls. Among the top favored haunts, Apocalypse Now, Q Bar and Cheers are a must. You can also spend the evening at the opera or witness a performance of puppetry.

If you bring an extra suitcase, you’ll be glad you did. The shopping opportunities are beyond extraordinary. In Ho Chi Minh you can purchase exquisite lacquer handicrafts. The jewelry is truly unbelievable and certainly unique. There are plenty of markets selling regional clothing, military memorabilia and other souvenirs at excellent prices. And in your quest for out-of-the ordinary items, you’ll come across antique shops stocked with unimaginable treasures.

As you make way through the busy streets, you’ll observe a wealth of landmarks. Be sure to visit the Emperor Jade Pagoda. It’s not just a lavish representation of Chinese architecture, but a most revered sacred temple.

Learn about the bravery of the Vietnamese people, as embodied in an icon like the Cu Chi underground tunnel. It took twenty-five years for its completion, and was the site of the bloodiest episodes in the country’s history.

Pay special attention to the Paris Square, where you’ll encounter the imposing Notre Dame Cathedral. It was built in the 19th century and is truly a work of art.

If you’re wondering when would be the ideal time for your trip, the months of April, May or October offer the best weather. But if you’re in town during the hot season, head out to the water parks. You’ll cool off and have a ball. In Ho Chi Minh, you’ll discover the new Vietnam.
(Source: Dan Viet Travel)


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