The mysterious Celestial Palate cave

Once come in Ha Long bay, nobody can miss taking a tour to visit caves classified among the world heritages of this area. Among all these masterpieces, it is necessary to speak about the Celestial Palate cave which was just discovered during recent years but which always gives to the visitors an astonishing feeling by its mysterious and multiform beauty.

The walls are very high, dangerous and covered by stalactites and stalagmites on which strange images always attract the imagination of the visitors.
Way towards the Celestial Palate cave

The cave is in the South-West of Ha Long bay, at 4 km from the quay, on Dau Go island, at 25 meters from the sea. Dau Go was also called Canh Doc island whose the top is 189 meters high. The islands are as a throne which embraces two beautiful caves. At the edge of way towards the Celestial Palate cave, the dangerous slopes are drawn up, the abundant foliages cover and some turbulent monkeys go down to seek fruits. And more entered, we are more astonished by its beauty.
Interesting legends

Stalactite in caves

The cave is attached to the king Dragon legend. Once upon a time, after having helped the inhabitants to drive out invaders, king Dragon returned live in the cave, but that year, there was a serious dryness, the inhabitants, after bad harvests, came pray king Dragon to rain. Many left without turning over. In spite of dangers, a couple decided to go to seek the king. Their daughter, born and named Cloud. Cloud, grown, stirred up the heart of prince Dragon and the love links them together; the marriage was organized during seven days and seven nights in the center of the cave. To congratulate the marriage, the dragons fly sometimes appeared sometimes disappeared in the clouds, the little elephants dance, the big pythons twist the centenaries trees, the two lions dance with mane in the wind; and in top, eagles expose the wings... A big elephant decorated in a multicolored way lies down to await the couple. Sirs Nam Tao and Bac Dau, them too, with the very white hair come to take part in the marriage in a very animated environment. The entire scene is probably fossilized in this place.

A small legendary world

On the wall in south, there is a monumental picture on which characters of the legends, the soft and very delicate sculptures with the small details, though large or small, all are well polished by the Creator. In the cave's center, the four big pillars support the celestial palate. From foot until the top, the pillars are carved with strange reliefs like the birds, the fish, the scenes of the daily life, the flowers... On the wall in north, it is the scene of the fairies who dance and who sing to congratulate a marriage. Under the cave's vault, the multicolored stalagmites are suspended like a large stone curtain. The blows of drums in somewhere are as in an old village festival village. It is the sound of the winds which blows in the foliages. Under the high cave's vault, the blue stalagmites as pearls give us the imagination of an Eden.

Vom Cave

In the last part of the cave, the white, green, red lights are linked to form a marvelous scene. A natural fountain projects water during every season with the three ponds of very transparent water. In this place, Mrs. Cloud often bathes her 100 children and nourishes them. On the sinuous way driving outside, Mrs. Cloud left with her 50 children to clear the new ground and the 50 others remain with the father to build the native land; object left by the mother is the immortal nipple full with vitality.

Left the Celestial Palate cave, we will have the feeling of having visited a very original and meticulous art museum whose all works are carved by the Creator, out of human imagination.

Collected by QuangNinh Tourism


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