Enjoying barbeque and hot pot dishes in town

When Saigonese people dine out, they often fre-quent restaurants that serve barbeque and hot pot dishes, making the two dishes popular gastronomic trends in HCMC. The restaurants featuring these dishes are often the choices of Saigonese diners because they are ideal places to not only enjoy tasty food but chitchat with family and friends.

Guests who want to have a quiet, airy space to enjoy barbeque and a view of the city center at night can go to the Breeze Sky Bar on the fifth floor of the Majestic Hotel. This Sunday, the bar will introduce a new “BBQ on the Roof Top” program featuring about 20 selected dishes of shrimp, salmon, beef, chicken, and more.

The barbecued meat of each dish will be combined with special kinds of sauce such as apple or peppermint; dishes of salad and deserts are also included. The “BBQ on the Roof Top” program will be offered daily from 6 p.m. to 10 p.m. with prices ranging from US$15 to US$24 per dish.

The Breeze Sky Bar with a view of the city center and the Saigon River is open from 10 a.m. to midnight. It also serves an international buffet breakfast, eastern and western food a la carte, plus many kinds of drinks, cocktails, ice-cream and snacks.

Also this July, the Golden Palace Restaurant in the Palace Hotel will introduce a buffet program featuring eight popular kinds of hot pots from three regions to Saigonese diners. The sweet, tasty flavor of the hot pot that attracts many gastronomes comes from beef, goat and shellfish meat, or fish, seafood and curry.

A view of the Breeze Sky Bar in the Majestic Hotel

Hot pot is a dish to share and people can easily see diners gathering around a hot pot chatting happily while putting many kinds of vegetables and meat into the hot soup. The many kinds of ingredients in hot pots are displayed in separated sections for guests to choose from and there will be staff to guide guests when choosing the ingredients for their own hot pots.

The restaurant also offers a dessert buffet corner with tropical fruits, sweet soups, drinks and green tea. Joining this hot pot buffet program, diners will have a relaxing time enjoying the meal with a flow of music in a cozy place. The price is VND144,000++ per person.


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